Womens Safety

Women's Safety: NEVER A VICTIM

A Resource of Invaluable Women's Safety Information

This website provides evidence-based, field-tested advice and invaluable resources dedicated to women’s safety. Every woman deserves to live free from the threat of physical or sexual violence, irrespective of her attire, level of intoxication, or demeanour. Violence against women is a heinous crime and utterly unacceptable.

Through this website and my forthcoming book, NEVER A VICTIM, the most comprehensive guide to women’s safety ever written, I am committed to helping you prevent both physical and sexual violence.

Misconceptions about women’s personal safety often stem from false beliefs about their abilities and potential. These misconceptions may have discouraged you, making you doubt your capacity to avoid danger and handle hostile situations effectively.

I am here to dispel those doubts. My book, NEVER A VICTIM will empower you to trust in your innate ability to protect yourself and stay safe. It features over 400 pages and more than 95,000 words, and is expected to be published in autumn 2024. It will be available as Standard and UK-dedicated editions in hardcopy and eBook formats. Audiobook versions are scheduled for early 2025. 


I hope you find the information valuable and empowering. Please return soon to stay updated on new content and resources related to women’s safety. Until then, please take great care of yourself.

Robert Kaiser